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Sustainability through food with Elise Smith, WinniE's Bakery, and Rachel Laryea, Kelewele

Updated: Mar 4

Today we're talking all about sustainability through food. Our first featured sustainable brown girl is Elise Smith, co-founder of oECo Studios, an ethical eco video production company that works with earth-forward brands. Elise is also the owner of WinniE's Bakery, she's a food writer, recipe developer, and set stylist. Today we'll be talking about how we can be more sustainable when it comes to shopping for food and cooking.

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We also hear from Rachel Laryea, a Ghanian woman based in Brooklyn, NY. Rachel is the founder of Kelewele, a lifestyle and food brand focused on plantain based eats. Rachel is a plantain lover embarking on a journey at the intersection of food, culture, and community.

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