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Sustainability in Art & Design with Jade Nikaylah and Priscille Joseph

Sustainability is more than reducing waste, recycling and being more conscious about our purchasing habits. Sustainability can also be expressed through art and design. By using plant fibers to create art rather than synthetic materials, or designing your home or office with the natural environment in mind, you can take your sustainability game to the next level. Today’s episode is a double feature, where I will be chatting with Jade Nikaylah Williams, an artist and model about how she incorporates natural materials and dyes into her handmade rugs.

Our first featured sustainable brown girl is Jade Nikaylah Williams, a model, designer, and alchemist of the Earth. Through her art, plant-based meals, and free-flowing lifestyle, Jade inspires us to remember that we are infinite beings living a human experience.

Support Jade here: (Graphic Design)

The next featured sustainable brown girl is Priscille Joseph, an interior designer with a focus on bringing nature into the built-in environment through biophilic patterns. Priscille is also the host of Design Talk Podcast where you can gain practical interior design and wellness tips that can transform your space.

Support Priscille here:

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