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Starting a low waste lifestyle and why sustainable goods cost more with Alex Gamboa Grand

When we start a transition to a low waste lifestyle, we often look around our homes and see several areas that could use improvement; such as replacing disposable paper towels with reusables, trading disposables razors for a metal one, or trying beauty products with better ingredients and packaging.

It can be overwhelming but it helps to remember that using and reusing what we have is the most sustainable option. When it's time to make the switch, do your research, take your time, and try to support small or woman of color owned businesses.

Today's featured Sustainable Brown Girl is Alex Gamboa Grand, a Black and Costa-Rican woman and the co-founder of Way of Being, a low waste shop located in Portland, Oregon and online. By offering a variety of low waste products and guides, Way of Being is helping us be more intentional on our sustainable journeys.

We talk about:

  • How Way of Being was started

  • Why sustainable goods cost more

  • Ways to transition to a low waste lifestyle

  • Alex's favorite low waste products

  • Successes and wins as a sustainable business owner

Support Way of Being:



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