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Raising eco-conscious children & cloth diapering them with Lacie Wever, Teach Go Green

It’s baby season! I’m just kidding, babies are always being born, but today we're talking about raising eco-conscious children. I’m not a mom yet, although I’ve been trying to be for a few years now, but that’s a topic for another day. But when I am a mom, I know that I want to be as eco-friendly as possible. I’m talking mainly second-hand clothes (cuz who wants to spend top dollar for something they’ll wear for 3 months?), minimal plastic toys, and cloth diapering.

There’s somewhat of a debate within the environmentalist community about if having children is a good decision when the planet is not in the best condition. Some people don’t think we should be adding more human life that will use resources from Mother Earth. I understand that argument, but having and raising children is a special part of life.

While we all have an impact on this planet just by being alive, we can make better choices about how we live and raise our kids to be eco-conscious so that they have less of an impact.

Today's featured sustainable brown girl is Lacie Wever, an environmental educator and the creator of the Teach Go Green blog. As a wife and mom of two, Lacie is passionate about educating parents to make eco-friendly choices for their families.

We talk about:

- How Lacie's sustainable journey began

- What it means to be an eco-parent

- Cloth diapering

- Ways to be more eco-friendly with kids

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