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Promoting sustainability within Africa's fashion and textile industry with Jacqueline Shaw

Updated: Mar 4

For decades, China and other Asian countries have been the main hub of textile production, but now eyes are shifting toward Africa. With major potential for growth, African development is on the rise. In today's episode, we will be discussing the benefits of manufacturing in Africa and how more companies can get involved.

Today's featured sustainable brown girl is Jacqueline Shaw, a fashion designer, consultant, and founder of Africa Fashion Guide - a social enterprise promoting sustainability within Africa's fashion and textile industry. Through her organization, Jacqueline consults clients on building and growing their African fashion businesses while positively impacting communities throughout Africa.

We chat about:

- The benefits of manufacturing in Africa

- Trends in African Fashion and popular textile exports

- Thoughts on secondhand imports to Accra, Ghana and how to end it

- How to keep African countries out of fast fashion production

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