Maranda (@marandas_world)

Maranda is a Kentucky-native that has always loved being outdoors cherishing our environment’s blessings. Maranda’s family started their zero waste and plastic-free journey in December 2018 to ensure that Mother Earth is around for them and future generations. Their initial R-focus was reduction, and they’ve grown into delving more into reuse an repurpose. Maranda shares her eco-friendly habits on Instagram and her local within community (Bronx, NY) through work at a community garden and low-waste workshops. She is currently in the planning-stages to open an ecospace (@ecobronx) that will provide educational and retail services.

Sustainable Tip - There isn’t a perfect nor time-constrained way in reducing your waste and/or plastic usage. Start your journey where you feel most comfortable within your own financial/physical/mental means. The key thing is starting. 💜

- Maranda

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