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Maintaining joy as an environmental activist with Arielle V. King, host of The Joy Report podcast

As people who care deeply about the environment, worrying about climate change and our impact on the planet can often be overwhelming. When the news is often filled with negativity it’s easy to go down a dark rabbit hole. However, finding positive climate news and things to get excited about is so important to our mental health and drive to continue the fight for Mother Earth. In this episode, we’re chatting with our guest about how to maintain joy as an environmental activist.

Today's featured sustainable brown girl is Arielle V. King, an environmental justice staff attorney at an environmental law think tank in Washington DC and host of The Intersectional Environmentalist podcast, The Joy Report.

We talk about:

- how Arielle's sustainable journey began

- Arielle's role with Intersectional Environmentalist

- her job as environmental justice staff attorney & what that entails

- The Joy Report podcast & how Arielle stay optimistic

- art's role in environmental activism

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