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Living sustainably & intentionally as a wife & mom with Addie Fisher of Old World New Blog

Updated: Mar 4

We all are on our own sustainable journeys but it's great to learn how other people are approaching sustainability. And seeing how people live sustainably in real life can be inspiring. Today's featured sustainable brown girl is Addie Fisher, the woman behind the Old World New blog. Addie is a sustainable living enthusiast and a thrift fashion lover. On her blog and Instagram, Addie shares sustainable living tips and encourages her audience to slow down and live more intentionally.

We talk about: - why Addie started Old World New blog - favorite thrift finds - tips for living sustainably on a budget - experience as a sustainable parent - tips for budding eco-influencers

Special thanks to Ethique for sponsoring this episode. Shop for all of your plastic-free hair and beauty bar needs. Support Addie here: Website: Instagram: YouTube: Facebook:

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