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Life as a sustainability consultant + sustainable fashion as digital art with Alexzandria Ashton

Updated: Mar 4

Since I've been doing this podcast, I've seen so many different career paths that can be taken within the sustainability industry. Today, we're chatting with a sustainability consultant about how businesses can be more sustainable, specifically in the fashion, music, ad art industries.

Today's featured sustainable brown girl is Alexzandria Ashton, founder of Ashton Wolfe Sustainability Consulting. Alexzandria is a passionate sustainable fashion industry advocate and social-climate activist who wants to see change within the fashion, music, and film industries.

We talk about: - How Alexzandria became interested in sustainability - Why she started Ashton Wolfe Sustainability Consulting - How a fashion brand just starting can be more sustainable - How a supply chain audit works - How digital art can replace fashion overconsumption Support Alexzandria here: Website: Instagram: Personal Instagram: LISTEN HERE: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Play | Watch on YouTube

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