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Inspiring Gen Z to get involved in climate action with Anya Sastry

The youth are truly leading the climate discussion. From Fridays for Future, that’s led by Greta Thunberg to The Sunrise Movement, a youth-led political action organization focused on stopping climate change. It’s no doubt that Gen Z is fully invested in taking action in the fight against climate change. As a tired millennial, it’s truly inspiring to see such vigor in today’s youth as they challenge politicians and corporations, holding them accountable for the harm that they’ve done to the planet. And in addition to that, Gen Z has also made great strides in bringing awareness to environmental and social injustices that have been tolerated for way too long. In this episode, we’re chatting with a college student who is inspiring her generation to get involved in climate action.

Today's featured sustainable brown girl is Anya Sastry, a climate activist, filmmaker, and student. She produced a documentary titled Frontliners that highlights environmental injustice from the perspective of the less privileged. Anya is also the National Outreach Director for the US Youth Climate Strike and a contributor to the book United We Are Unstoppable: 60 Inspiring Young People Saving Our World by Akshat Rathi.

In this episode, we talk about:

- Anya's role as National Outreach Director for the US Youth Climate Strike

- How young people can get involved with climate justice work

- Anya's film, Frontliners. and its exploration of the impacts of environmental injustice on marginalized communities

Watch Frontliners:

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