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Giving unwanted items a second chance with Hannah Dehradunwala, founder of Raeri

Getting rid of unwanted items in our homes or offices can be tricky if you don't want to send everything to landfill or a thrift store. Today's guest has created a solution that recirculates usable, landfill-bound products by connecting them to their next best use.

Today's featured sustainable brown girl is Hannah Dehradunwala, founder of Raeri, a platform that upcycles your unwanted items away from landfills and connects them to people and organizations that can give them a second life.

We talk about: - how Hannah's sustainable journey began

- what led her to start Raeri

- what is a circular economy vs a linear economy

- how Raeri works

- future plans for Raeri

Support Hannah and Raeri here:


Raeri IG:

Hannah's IG:

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