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Diverting waste from landfill while serving the community with Well Cloth'd

Having an impact in our neighborhoods and working to give back to those in need is an important aspect of sustainability in my opinion. Today's guests are doing just that - in addition to diverting clothing and toiletries from landfills, these sustainable brown girls are making a difference in their community.

Before we get into this episode, I do want to mention that there are dates and events mentioned that have already passed. However, our guests hold different events throughout the year, so follow them on Instagram to stay up to date.

Today's featured sustainable brown girls are the ladies of Well Cloth'd, a non-profit based in Brooklyn, New York, founded by three Black women and lifelong friends - Leetah McGee and sisters Jenne and Marien Richardson, later joined by Maya Shelton. With a mission to take the mystery out of donating, Well Cloth’d ensures that recipients receive high-quality care packages, that are curated specifically to meet their needs. Today we're joined by Jenne, Leetah, and Maya.

We talk about:

- how and why Well Cloth'd was started

- how Well Cloth'd helps the community

- how their donation strategy keeps clothes and toiletries out of landfills

- tips for others to create similar programs in their cities

- future goals for Well Cloth'd

Support Well Cloth'd:



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