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Daisha Gayle (@themillennialme_)

A number of things directed me towards sustainable fashion. One of them being not being able to afford my own taste brought me to a sustainable fashion journey. In 2017 after moving to the U.S.A I decided to start a blog. Initially, it was supposed to be about my vegan lifestyle and my fashion reviews, style, and design. In my pursuit of sourcing a new look for every post I realized that the stores around me didn’t off the quality and level of details like in an outfit. If I did find a quality piece from the thrift store it would not lose its colors and was cheaper.

Another was one evening I was scrolling through Netflix’s documentary category. Came across a documentary either on cotton or how garment factory workers were treated. Immediately a spark was lit. I realized that I could not consciously support a system that destroys the environment on the scales that the fashion industry does. As well as I cannot support people being treated unfairly or having to work in inhumane conditions just to get me some cheap one month wear and a new fashion post for my blog.

Then I wet binging on YouTube and the more I learned the more disturbed I got. So now for the most part I only shop at the thrift stores or try to purchase sustainably made pieces. Coming from Jamaica which is classified as a “third world country” we repeated our pieces all the time. I took that aspect of my upbringing and now I show people different ways to wear one item. I also make up-cycled designs in hopes that this will inspire a more circular fashion industry. I’m still trying to learn the no-waste ways of cutting and finding uses for my scraps. It’s been an eye-opening whirlwind so far.

- Daisha Gayle

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