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Curating sustainable & inclusive brands with Sancho's Shop owner, Kalkidan Legesse

Updated: Mar 4

As people who are conscious of how the choices we make impact the planet, we are probably also conscious about the brands we support and buy from. It can be difficult to know who's the real deal and who's not, which is why businesses like Sancho's exist.

Today's featured sustainable brown girl is Kalkidan Legesse, the Ethiopian woman owner of Sancho's, a sustainable fashion & ethical gift department shop based in the UK. Sancho's mission is to make it easy for shoppers to prioritize people and the planet by curating the best sustainable fashion brands and putting them under one roof.

We talk about: - how Kalkidan's sustainable journey began - what led her to start Sancho's - how they select sustainable brands to stock - how Sancho's is addressing fashion circularity Special thanks to Ethique for sponsoring this episode. Shop for all of your plastic-free hair and beauty bar needs. Support Sancho's here: Visit the website: Follow on Instagram: Shop & Sell on Owni:

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