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Creating an inclusive space for eco-conscious people with Reza Cristián, founder of SUSTAIN the Mag

Updated: Mar 4

Finding planet-forward platforms that share good news and inspiring stories about folks making positive impacts on the planet has not always been an easy feat. But today’s guest has created a space that fills this need.

Today's featured sustainable brown girl is Reza Cristián, founder and editor-in-chief of SUSTAIN, an online sustainable publication focused on creating a diverse and inclusive space for people who are eco-conscious. Through SUSTAIN, Reza and her team inspire us to give a damn, and cheers us on as we make our first baby steps into this world of sustainability. We talk about: - what led Reza to start SUSTAIN + who it's for - how sustainability in media has shifted since SUSTAIN was started - recent SXSW experience - future plans for SUSTAIN Support Reza & SUSTAIN: Website: Instagram:

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