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Creating a Business in Circular Fashion with Wear Em Out Tees & Designer Accessory Adoption

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

You may have heard the term fast fashion, which refers to the design, manufacturing and marketing of rapidly produced high volumes of clothing, usually made with low quality materials and sold for a cheap price. This method of fashion encourages quick turnover of clothing which produces more textile waste, pollution, and unsafe work environments for garment workers.

It's estimated that Americans generate 16 million tons of textile waste per year, about 85% of which is sent to landfill or incinerated.

Clothes donated to thrift stores and charity shops will often send unwanted clothing overseas, usually to East African and Southeast Asian countries. When these countries receive such large amounts of secondhand garments, it reduces the demand for locally made clothing, which is harmful to their economy,

So, what can we do to prevent clothing waste? Well, to start, we can reduce the amount of clothing that we are purchasing. Opt to buy clothing that has a classic design that can be worn for many years. Take better care of your clothing - wash them less and repair any defects that happen from normal wear and tear. Shop secondhand when you do need a new item of clothing. Or if shop with companies that use recycled materials or are environmentally aware when creating new garments. When a piece of clothing has reached the end of it's life or you no longer need it, if it's in good condition, donate to someone who will give it new life, recycle it responsibly or reuse it in some way around your home. And that is what we call circular fashion.

In today's episode, we're talking with two sustainable brown girls who have created businesses in circular fashion by repurposing and reselling unwanted clothing and accessories.

Our first guest is Camille Lee, the owner of Wear Em Out Tees, an online shop selling upcycled t-shirts for the environmentally conscious consumer. The brand is all about pre-loved fashion, landfill diversion and circular fashion.

Our second guest is Endia Henry, owner of Designer Accessory Adoption, an online boutique for pre-owned designer items. Through her shop and providing style advice, Endia's mission is to make high quality luxury and contemporary accessories attainable for more people.

We'll be talking to each sustainable brown girl about how and why they started their business around circular fashion.

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