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Busting environmental cancer-causing myths with Dr. Anjali Malik, a breast imaging radiologist

When I first started my sustainable journey, it wasn't necessarily to be better for the planet. I wanted to be better for my body. A lot of us choose products with organic ingredients because we're told it's better for our bodies, but that may not always be the case. In this episode, our guest is busting some health-related myths as well as sharing how the health and medical industries can be more sustainable.

Today's featured sustainable brown girl is Dr. Anjali Malik, a breast imaging radiologist, and women’s health advocate. She mentors and inspires women to charge of their breast and ovarian health, all while promoting sustainability and plant-based nutrition.

We talk about:

- How sustainability relates to the health industry

- Ingredients in beauty products & food impacting breast & reproductive health

- Microplastics found in blood and what it means for our health

- If waste within the medical industry is avoidable

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