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Being a climate optimist and making sustainable fashion more accessible with Zahra Biabani of Soulfu

This time of year during Earth Day/Week/Month, it's a great time to give thanks to Mother Earth. Rather than worrying about all of the negative Earth news, now is the perfect time to celebrate her beauty and all she does for us. Staying positive isn't always easy, but our guest today helps keep us inspired.

Today's featured Sustainable Brown Girl is Zahra Biabani, also known as Soulful Seeds on Instagram where she shares Weekly Earth Wins to highlight environmental good news around the world. Zahra is a recent Vanderbilt University graduate and founder of In the Loop, a clothing rental platform that makes sustainable fashion more accessible.

We talk about:

- How Zahra started Weekly Earth Wins and how she stays motivated as a climate optimist

- Her sustainable clothing rental brand, Rent in the Loop

- Greenwashing in the fashion industry

- How to make our wardrobes more sustainable

Support Zahra:



Rent in the Loop:


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