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Akuaya (@akuayamoahopoku)

You could say my journey to low waste living started as far back as elementary school where I first learned about recycling or when I started to use reusable grocery bags in 2015 because I didn’t want to pay the plastic bag fee. It all changed from things I do here and there to a lifestyle when I launched my blog in December 2017 because now I was holding myself and others accountable for my actions.

I decided to make this lifestyle change because I want our planet to live a long healthy life and I want to provide my perspective to the movement - my experiences as a married African American woman living in the United States.

My number one sustainability tip is to start where it’s most easiest for you to try something new. That maybe switching out your plastic tooth brush for a bamboo toothbrush or leaving fast fashion shopping for the thrill of thrifting. Start where it’s easiest.

- Akuaya

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