Aja Barber on being a citizen before a consumer and maintaining ethics as a sustainable influencer

Within the sustainability community, we talk a lot about reduce the amount of things that we are consuming. Overconsumption has led to overfilled landfills, a depletion of natural resources, and let’s admit it, credit card debt. Our guest today is Aja Barber, author of Consumed: The Need for Collective Change, Colonialism, Climate Change, and Consumerism. I would quickly describe it as a call for change from consumers and corporations to think about how they buy and sell.

I would really encourage you to read or listen to the book because it’s so much deeper than that. Aja talks about how Black American slaves were environmentalists and stewards of the earth, how colonialism has destroyed countries in the global south, and how we can shift our destructive habits as consumers.

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Book that Aja mentioned: The Business of Less by Roland Geyer

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