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The Sustainable Brown Girl community was created to highlight, connect, and inspire black, brown, and indigenous women within the sustainability movement.

When I started my low waste journey in 2018, I noticed that many of the women at the forefront of the community were white, but I knew I wasn't the only person of color interested in saving the planet. So after just a little bit of digging, I found so many women of color who are climate activists, farmers, bee keepers, zero waste shop owners, packaging engineers, and so much more.


The goal of Sustainable Brown Girl is to share these incredible women's' stories to support them and inspire other women of color to make better choices for the health of our planet and the health of our bodies.

Please leave a message in regards to being a guest on the podcast, sponsorships, media requests and any other inquiries. I will return
your message within 1-3 days.

Thanks! I'll be in touch!

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